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Map Configuration


Black hexes are printed crater hexes, and heavy black hexsides are printed ridge hexsides. Dark grey hexes indicate the placement of crater terrain overlays (mirrored from the other half of the map). Hexes labeled "CP" indicate CP placement, and hexes labeled "R" indicate radar installation placement. Green hexes indicate the initial deployment limits. Light grey hexes (on the 3-team layout only) are out of bounds.

4-Team Layout

4-team map for Exercise K
This is the standard four-team layout.

3-Team Layout

3-Team map layout for Exercise K
This is the three-team layout. The two northern teams are each offset one hex from the four-team layout. The third team sets up in the middle of the south edge of the map, and its Radar installations are slightly farther apart (5 hexes instead of 4) to maintain symmetry. All three CPs are equidistant.

The easternmost and westernmost hex columns are out of bounds in this scenario, as indicated by the light grey shading.

2-Team Layout

2-Team map layout for Exercise K
This is the two-team layout. Teams will set up in the map corners that are printed with craters. CP and Radar placement is as per the four-team layout.