Appointment with Glory

"Appointment with Glory" is a two-player G.E.V.™ scenario with a low unit count. The attacker's objective is to destroy one of two howitzers whose fields of fire span the map; the defender must protect his field guns. The attacker is desperate to open a hole for a critical convoy (not represented in the scenario) at any cost; preservation of the raiding force is not a consideration.


The defender selects from any available G.E.V. map (including Shockwave maps). The attacker then selects her side of entry. All terrain is intact at the start of the game. No unit substitutions are allowed.

The defender sets up 2 Howitzers, 4 Light Tanks, and 18 squads of infantry. The howitzers must be placed such that no path exists from the attacker's side of entry to the opposite side of the map that does not pass through at least one howitzer's field of fire (remember that map edge partial hexes are legal hexes). All defending units must set up on the map. There are no other deployment restrictions for the defender.

The attacker moves first, and enters her chosen side with 4 GEVs and 4 LGEVs. She may withhold any or all of her units for later entry.


The game has a 15 turn limit. In that time, the attacker must destroy at least one howitzer. If a howitzer is destroyed prior to Turn 15, the game ends immediately.

Attacker Victory

The attacker wins if at least one HWZ is destroyed within 15 turns.

Defender Victory

The defender wins if neither HWZ is destroyed after 15 turns.

Tournament Tiebreaker Points

A victorious attacker receives 3 Tiebreaker Points for each turn prior to Turn 15 that the victory conditions are achieved. A victorious defender receives Tiebreaker Points equal to the standard point value of his on-map non-howitzer units (3 per Light Tank, 1 per squad of infantry).

Advanced Rules

If bidding for side is in use, players secretly bid the number of infantry squads they will use on defense (0 to 30). The player with the lower bid is the defender and sets up with a number of squads equal to his bid (rather than the default 18). If the bid is a tie, sides are determined randomly, but the bid value is still used for setup.